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Mr. Hopper!
played on Servers: 2
Damn, I'm good!
best map rating: 31.61
''h4x#Pro~pancho* in mp_carentan
Call me god!
best overall rating: 29.04
FieR ^1<3
U don't have a woman?
most time played: 19.1 hrs
Crack Nigger
The best place
=|h4x|=eXtreme #1 ...
Dualitium - 1 day 9 hours 28 minutes agoSounds good ! Thanks mate
Wolf Enstein - 2 days 29 minutes agohttps://ets-clan.com/
Wolf Enstein - 2 days 30 minutes agoShe might even rent you one, she has her own main server box now.
Wolf Enstein - 2 days 31 minutes agoYou could ask Kate, the leader of the Ets| Clan, for help, mate. She runs lots of servers.
Dualitium - 2 days 2 hours 8 minutes agoThanks mate, I will probably need some advice/guidance on how to run it too
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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Oct 03 2012 at 22:08

Time has come to announce the next step in splatterladder history: Multi-Game-Support.

splatterladder.com - your first source for playertracking and ranking is expanding with a lot of games to reach a new audience step-by-step.

As you have already seen on splatterladder.com the first new added game is "io Urban Terror". But this has only been the very beginning of what is going to happen throughout the next weeks on splatterladder.com

The first games to be added beside rtcw/et and new added ioUrban Terror will be Call of Duty 1, 2 and 4 together with Quake3 (io Quake).

Ofcourse every added game will receive the same splatterladder features that you all know and love from RtCW and Enemy Territory:
  • servertracking
  • playertracking with rating (ratingfunctions may vary to the ET implemented rating)
  • serverlist
  • buddylist
  • maplist
  • ... and so on.

If you want to take the chance to participate in these new sl.games with player- or serveradminsupport feel free to get in touch with us.
More new games will be announced after they are implemented in a beta state.

Subscribers of splatterletter (© by splatterladder.com) get to know great news like this always a few days earlier - subscribe now.
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