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Written by Splatterladder-Forum, Apr 06 2012 at 05:53

We implemented a new API: ServerQueryAPI

Now you`re able to use splatterladder generated data for
...your homepage
...your very own statistic tool
or whatever you want to.

This API offers you the possibility to query the data from up to 10 server listed on SL in XML or JSON format.

The answer contains almost all data visible on the server-detail site.
For example current players (with ping, xp), all the server flags (punkbuster, tzac, friendly fire and so on)

Hot it works:
The basepath to the API is
where you have to add the variables you need:
format -> xml or json
svid -> Splatterladder server ID
svadd -> Serveradress (IP:PORT)
If you want to query multiple server-ids or adresses, use the variables as array ( svadd[]=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:yyyyy )

So if you want to get the data of the server with the id "658158" , the one behind "" and "" on JSON format,
simply create the URI by concating the variables:

You will receive the full JSON object, with a section of , IMO, useful hints.

We hope you`ll enjoy this new feature.
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