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#GameRankedMapServersTypeFirst seenGamesRatingDLAvg. time Mean time needed to end map
912Call of Duty 2Ranking enabled for this mapmp_toujane» 2 Sep 30 2012411331892%-No data
1(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_carentan» 1 Sep 24 201239156991%-No data
5(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_brecourt» 1 Sep 24 2012357847--No data
16(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapSOS_Airfield_d-a» 1 Sep 24 20123802--No data
905Call of Duty 2Ranking enabled for this mapmp_burgundy» 1 Sep 30 20122016388--No data
908Call of Duty 2Ranking enabled for this mapmp_port» 1 Sep 30 201296410--No data
910Call of Duty 2Ranking enabled for this mapmp_dawnville» 1 Sep 30 20121424872--No data
928Call of Duty 2Ranking enabled for this mapmp_breakout» 1 Sep 30 2012738299--No data
933Call of Duty 2Ranking enabled for this mapmp_decoy» 1 Sep 30 201293568791%-No data
1091Call of Duty 2Ranking enabled for this mapmp_bandit» 1 Sep 30 201261427--No data
8442Call of Duty 2Ranking enabled for this mapbotzom_underpass» 1 Aug 24 20143949--No data
2(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_pavlov  Sep 24 2012252703--No data
3(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_harbor  Sep 24 2012610545--No data
4(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapharbor_jump  Sep 24 2012886--No data
6(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_ship  Sep 24 201262527--No data
7(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_dawnville  Sep 24 2012264240--No data
8(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_powcamp  Sep 24 2012114933--No data
9(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_bocage  Sep 24 201258722--No data
10(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapGeuner_Sniper_Toybox  Sep 24 2012690--No data
11(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_railyard  Sep 24 2012261758--No data
12(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapISS_OnlyArena  Sep 24 2012191--No data
13(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_chateau  Sep 24 2012125175--No data
14(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapMp_Depot  Sep 24 2012156354--No data
15(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_rocket  Sep 24 2012118403--No data
17(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_nuenen  Sep 24 2012472--No data
18(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this maphobbiton_lt2  Sep 24 20122880--No data
19(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapwawa_3daim_russian  Sep 24 201231959--No data
20(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapwawa_3daim  Sep 24 201212333--No data
21(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this maptoybox_bloodbath  Sep 24 2012191--No data
22(gid.cod)Ranking enabled for this mapmp_stalingrad  Sep 24 2012115437--No data

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